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Make a move for Humanity & the Planet​


Packing and unpacking 


Sort your stuff


Transport for moving

Make your moving experience stress-free
and sustainable with Up by GOGO & make a positive impact.


Where are we relocating you?

Ditch the hassle of relocation while empowering the communities by finding new homes for unwanted items.

Our Services

Our services 1
Packing and Unpacking

We are a top-tier moving company offering seamless and stress-free moves with a dedicated team and tailored services. From packing to unpacking, we ensure a superior moving experience, whether local or long-distance.

Our Services 2
Sort, Donate & Recycle

We provide comprehensive moving services focused on reducing stress and environmental impact. 

Our Services 3
Transport for Moving

We offer stress-free relocation with a dedicated team ensuring safe delivery of belongings. We tailored solutions guarantee reliability and efficiency for local moves.

How It Works


24 hrs

How it works 3
How it works 4

24 hrs


24 hrs

Submit your EOI online

UP by GOGO will call you to confirm quotation details

Receive an e-mail confirmation

Get ready to move with us!

Why Choose Us

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Person-Centered Care

We focus on the person at the centre of a change of life house move. We make it stress-free, fun and lovingly curated.

Job Creation

We support and employ women and non-binary people with complex barriers to employment. We create dignified, safe, secure and meaningful jobs where everyone's contribution is valued. 

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Circular Economy

We leave the world better than we found it by reducing waste going to landfill and unlocking the value of unwanted goods

About Us

Our Social Impact
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Our Social Impact

The GOGO Foundation

A registered charity committed to building new systems to support people with complex barriers to work, including our highly successful Inclusive Work Program.

GOGO events

Experienced jobs-focused, work-integrated social enterprise. GOGO has supported over 100 people with complex barriers to employment safely into the  workforce in the past 10 years.

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Our Social Impact 2
Our Environment Impact
cheerful move3
environment friendly

As of 2023, South Australia dominates in resource recovery, holding the top spot with an 80% rate. This reflects a significant increase from a 50% recovery rate in 2006–07, improving to 63% by 2020-21 throughout Australia. [1].

Our commitment to enhancing resource recovery practices has been instrumental in this growth. By choosing UP by Gogo for your removal services, you contribute to the ongoing increase in Australia's resource recovery rate, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

environment friendly2
Our Story

Early 2022, our social enterprise GOGO events reduced its event stock from 20 warehouse storage bays to zero. That was around 800 cubic metres of gear we moved on. At the end of this process we placed one small shopping bag of rubbish into the blue bin. That’s it. One bag! All our stock was repurposed, rehomed, upcycled or recycled - all back into the circular economy.

GOGO has always repurposed, we buy repurposed, we procure from social businesses and community stores and we always donate back whatever is leftover. We have been experts in repurposing for a long time, with a demonstrated history of circular economy care. Why not help others with that? And that is how UP by GOGO was born!


$800 - $1,000

Estimated cost for Sort,

Donate & Recycle + Packing


3 people

8 - 10 hours

$60 per drop off in metropolitan area

$1,600 - $2,000

Estimated cost for Sort,

Donate & Recycle + Packing


4 people

8 - 10 hours

$60 per drop off in metropolitan area

$2,000 - $2,500

Estimated cost for Sort,

Donate & Recycle + Packing


5 people

8 - 10 hours

$60 per drop off in metropolitan area


Hear What Our Clients Say

UP Removals, Adelaide's leading eco-conscious moving team, offers stress-free relocation services while focusing on environmental care. We provide a unique donation service for unwanted items, ensuring they're repurposed rather than discarded, and support job seekers by offering employment opportunities, demonstrating our dedication to community and sustainability.

Exceptionally Satisfied

Thrilled with the service provided. I'm extremely satisfied with the cost as well.
I am really happy that they helped me find a new owner for my furniture.


-Jessica R-

Flawless Execution

They arrived punctually. The team was fantastic, and the work was excellent.


-Kin C-

Seamless Customisation

They precisely tailored their services to my specific requests. This made the move incredibly smooth, allowing me to trust them completely.


-Alex P-

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